How FRUX works.

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Sales-relevant knowledge.

Today, there are completely new ways to find suitable customers for companies.

Millions of corporate websites and online sources provide unstructured data with which we generate sales-relevant knowledge.

The Segmentation Process

Finding customers that suit you.


FRUX constantly searches the Internet for information about companies and their activities.


In the FRUX Data Store the information is constantly updated and stored. Using methods and technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI), this data is refined into sales-relevant knowledge.


A search algorithm adapted to each customer (=FRUX Target Bot) retrieves the relevant data from the FRUX Data Store and fills the Customer Data Store with information about established and potential customers.


The result is a combination of Master Data and Action Data, providing potential conversation hooks for your sales team.

The Qualification Process

Qualifying potential customers in the Lead Manager.

In the FRUX Lead Manager, the command center, all detected companies are prioritized, clearly displayed and ranked according to the lead scoring.

This will allow your sales team to start the qualification process, which will be displayed in three steps: Qualify - Develop - Hot!

The 360° view gives you an overview of your potential customers. Master data and action data at a glance!

The FRUX Lead Manager gives you a transparent overview of the entire customer qualification process.

On the FRUX Sales Dashboards, your sales and marketing professionals get an overview of all activities and sales teams.